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The 2011 Dodge Charger Revealed

The 2011 Charger has an all-new body, much improved; an all-new chassis and suspension, much improved; and all-new interior, much improved. The all-new V6 is the big news, a huge bonus to the car, as the 2011 Charger will carry history forward. Chrysler calls the Charger design a four-door fastback, but the new Charger could also be called a Coke-bottle coupe. Its roofline looks like a coupe and its hourglass Coke-bottle figure has been nicely accentuated in 2011, pinched by six inches, with scallops on the sides and wide front and rear fenders. The new crosshair grille is darker and squared more, upfront as the Charger has always been. The front overhang is radically truncated, making the car look in profile as if speed is all that matters. The aluminum hood bulges. Find the 2011 Dodge Charger inventory at your Utah Dodge Dealership!

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