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A Look Into Jeep Wrangler Capbility

The Wrangler uses a variety of modern day technology to turn it into the ultimate off-road machine.

Rock-Trac: The Rock-Trac transfer case is the heart of Wrangler Rubicon’s extreme rock crawling ability. Because of the 4:1 low-gear ratio, Rock-Trac’s low crawl speed makes it easy to ascend or descend sharp inclines and to crawl over obstacles.

Command-Trac: This legendary part-time system has served Jeep owners well through the years. Command-Trac is a proven shift-on-the-fly system with a 2.72:1 Low-Range and Neutral.

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The ‘Small’ Car of Today

Consumers are looking for a so called ‘small car’ for a variety of reasons. Yes, they are more affordable, and of course they get much better gas mileage than any full sized sedan, van, or SUV. But the ‘small car’ of today are nothing like the tin cans boxes that were available in the past. The econobox just does not live up to consumer’s expectations today. And so, automakers have taken some time with their vehicles that reside in this class to bring them to a whole new level. If you are willing to pay, you can now obtain luxury-car features in compact cars. Options that were once exclusive to luxury vehicles are starting to make their way to the more affordable end of the market. By offering numerous upscale options, an automaker’s margin improves and it allows consumers to get more high-end features in a relatively inexpensive package.

Many compact cars come with high-end options. This includes modern technology, such as navigation, adaptive cruise control, a pre-collision warning system and automated self-parking. Engine choice on small cars has improved too. A new tier of compact cars with premium features is even  starting to make its way to the luxury end of the market. So for those in the market for an economy car, the time to buy one has never been better.viagra canada prescription

Posted by Dodgehq on Jan 7 2011 in Auto Technology